Start winning in fishing table games with these easy strategies


It is incredibly tough to kill your target in a fishing game by simply aiming and shooting multiple times. To win in the fish table games, you have to aim hard, then shoot to catch. When you capture one, you will be rewarded with whatever the fish is worth at the end of your game. Unlike slot machines, online fish shooters are skill based arcade games that test your patience, persistence and aim.

The Golden Rule of the game

Shoot to kill is the golden rule of the game, although it may sound obvious at first, but once you take a closer look at the types of fish in the game, you will understand. Small targets die on one hit, meaning one bullet will yield you the rewards given by that fish; this concept, however, does not apply to big fish with large benefits like sharks. Shoot to kill as the golden rule also implies that you take good care of the efficacy of your aim. Hurting big targets and taking off the majority of its health, does not yield any reward, the killing blow is everything, hence the phrase ‘shoot to kill’.


Mind your resources

You should read carefully the amount of money awarded for each fish you shoot down, therefore, you can spend your ammo accordingly and yield a net profit in each round you waste. After all, the ammo you spend is money taken directly from your wallet, these ammo do not come for free, beginner players should really mind this as they progress through the game. In a way, it is like a slot game where each lever pull will deduct credits from your wallet, the only difference here is that whether you hit a jackpot or not all depends on your skill, no luck will be involved in this process.


Take away all distractions

Although this is not a common strategy employed by most online fish shooting game players, it is a unique strategy that we would like to recommend. Online fishing game is a game that requires 100% of your focus, and this means that there are no room for distraction. This strategy is not limited to the distraction that comes from outside the game, it also applies to the music and the various chaotic noises that comes from a typical online fishing game as well. When we play this game, we love to mute it and substitute the background noise with calming music instead. We found that this helped improve our performance by a great percentage.




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