Crazy fun virtual world only at Maxim88


Get ready for the most outrageous time of your life as Crazy Time comes to the one and only, best online casino in Asia — Maxim88. Crazy Time is an online casino game adaptation of the Dream Catcher money wheel. This game has already been clicked millions of times ever since it came to Maxim88 this month. The interactive enjoyment and excitement have reached insane new heights at Maxim88 thanks to the addition of this game. Players can earn varying multipliers in two out of the four bonus games thanks to the use of interactive components and cutting-edge technological advancements. The Crazy Time slot machine combines live entertainment with innovative random number generation gaming to provide a unique player experience. 

Insanity all around at Maxim88

Crazy Time comes off as a genuine game show that is entertaining to both play and watch! — A spacious, colourful, and fascinating studio is the setting for Crazy Time, which features a primary money wheel, a Top Slot atop the money wheel, and four interesting bonus games to keep players entertained. The main game and the four bonus stages form the core element of this wild game. It’s simple to play, as players simply make their wagers on the numbers, the host spins the wheel, and the game is completed. A decision is presented to players in two of the bonus games, which makes the game even more thrilling because the players will no longer always receive the same reward!


Crazy Time final round

At the start of each gaming round in the main game, the Top Slot will spin in conjunction with the main money wheel. A random multiplier is created by the Top Slot for a betting position at random. If the multiplier is aligned with the betting position, then we will have a match and the multiplier is applied to the position. This multiplier can both be applied either on a wager or, if it is a bonus round, on the multiplier of the bonus round itself!

Cash Hunt bonus round


Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery game that has a huge screen with 108 random multipliers and a variety of weapons. The multiplier will be covered by random symbols as soon as the countdown timer begins. To make things interesting, these symbols are intentionally jumbled before the player can place their aim and hit the start button. The player chooses the target that they feel contains the biggest multiplier, and then shoots at it. 


Coin Flip bonus round

Depending on which side of the coin is flipped, the winner will be determined! The coin is not a usual coin as it has colours on it instead of values — red and blue to be exact. Whatever colour ends up facing upwards after the coin is flipped and lands, will be declared as the winner. A total of two multipliers will be calculated before the coin flip is done, this multiplier is for each colour denoted on the coin and will be applied for the winning side.


Pachinko bonus round

The Pachinko bonus game consists of a giant Pachinko wall with a large number of actual pegs, which players can use to complete the game. The game presenter will toss a puck into the air, and the players who land where the puck landed will earn the multiplier associated with that location. For example, the puck landing on a double will indicate that all multipliers are doubled, this puck will be dropped repeatedly until a multiplier is obtained.