Art of fish shooting: how to play this popular arcade game at Maxim88

Fishing game or fish shooting arcade game is a type of game available to play at Maxim88, it is essentially a type of shooting game and is relatively fast paced and more thrilling when compared to other online casino games provided at our online casino such as slot games among others. For the uninitiated, fishing games look complicated, chaotic and hard to learn, and, in a way, you might be right. Fishing games are not for everyone, but if you are really interested, we can show you the ways of getting good at fishing games, starting from the fundamentals.

What are ‘Coins’?

As well as serving as cash in these games, the main coin also acts as ammo for the cannons. As a result of shooting the fish, you consume cash, and if you fail to kill your fish, you forfeit all of the bullets/currency you’ve poured (or should we say “invested”) into the fish to date. The player who fires the exact last bullet required to kill a certain fish receives all of the benefits for doing so.


How does bullet work in this game?

Players have control over the efficacy of the bullets they use. What exactly does this imply? Assume that you are firing at a rate of one (shot) to one (bullet) by default. To put it another way, firing a single shot consumes a single bullet. However, this is frequently insufficient to bring down any of the larger fish. As a result, players frequently raise the rate, for example, to 1:5, 1:20, or 1:50. For example, consider a case in which you have shot many lengthy bursts at the 1:50 rate, yet the fish manages to evade your bullets.


What are VIP systems?

VIP systems are somewhat like paid content of a video game where players can choose to pay for additional features in their games, it is quite important in the commercialization of many fish-shooting games. Currency, cosmetics, and boosters are all frequently included in the VIP systems of a fish shooting. Gacha wheels, limited-time promos, and even rentable things are some of the monetization options available for use in this game.

Other basic fishing game features and elements

In a fish shooting game, players have the option of selecting from a variety of “tables” with varying admission criteria. The main money serves as a lifeline for participants, allowing them to continue playing. Your cannon will remain inoperable if you do not have cash. Players also have the ability to enter and quit a “table” at any time without interfering with the gaming of other players.


Social & Cultural Events

While competitive components such as leaderboards and PVP-modes are available, fish games tend to share more motivating ground with slots than with poker in general. As a result, fish games are typically single-player endeavors in nature. However, it is fairly rare to see social components in fishing games as well, such as guilds and other such structures.