Understanding Sic Bo and its general rules with Maxim88


Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese gambling game that dates back thousands of years. Sic Bo is essentially a dice game, in other words, a game of chance involving three dice total. The Sic Bo table is extremely similar to the Roulette table in terms of layout. With the help of this article, you will discover how to play Sic Bo and how to maximize your chances of winning – a casino game that the majority of people are unfamiliar with.

How Does Sic Bo Work

Three dice are involved in Sic Bo, the rules are fairly simple to understand. However, new players that have never seen a game of Sic Bo before might still be befuddled just looking at the complex markings on a Sic Bo table. It may be annoying at first, but learning the rules of Sic Bo is not that tough once you get the hang of it. The primary objective of this game is not much different from that of other Casino games. It consists of placing bets on certain dice results.

Understanding the Rules of Sic Bo

Like a game of roulette, the different areas on a Sic Bo table signify the outcomes of the dice you wish to place your bets on. Bets are placed when the chips are placed on any of these areas. When all bets are placed, the dealer will roll the dice and determine the outcome. And just like a game of roulette, the player wins if they correctly predict the outcome and lose if they don’t.

Understanding Betting Alternatives in Sic Bo

As you might expect, the betting possibilities are a major component of the game. The Small and the Big bets are the most fundamental types of wagers to understand. When you place a Small bet, you are betting on any dice sum between (and including) 4 and 10. When the sum is between (and including) 11 and 17, that is when the Big Bet is made.

Understanding Big Bets and Little Bets

They typically pay out 1 to 1 and have the smallest house advantage of all of the games. As a result, these are the most favorable odds available in a Sic Bo game. However, you may have noticed that the amounts of 3 and 18 have been left out. This is due to the fact that whether you wager Small or Big, any triple total (three dice with the same numbers, for example, 1-1-1, 6-6-6) results in you losing. In this case, the odds are not precisely 50/50, but have a chance of 48.61 percent rather than 50/50.




It is important to understand that Sic Bo is a game in which bets are totaled. Different amounts, on the other hand, have a varying number of winning choices. Sic Bo does not deal in absolutes, if you are not interested in placing bets on certain dice numbers or a combination of these numbers, you are allowed to place a wager on the sum instead. To learn more about Sic Bo, you can sign up with Maxim88 now and try your hand in a game to see for yourself.