Have you tried the fishing games at Maxim88? What exactly is it?


Everyone in the online casino club has heard of slot games, and everyone in the neighborhood is familiar with online casino table games like poker and roulette. However, fishing games, despite being one of the most welcomed online casino and arcade games in the Chinese community, still remain a mystery to some. People who come to Maxim88 to explore their massive catalog of games will surely have seen fishing games being provided at the online casino. If you are intrigued, we will help answer your question of what exactly is a fishing game at Maxim88. 


So, what exactly are these “Fishing Shooting Games”?


Fish shooting is undoubtedly the most intriguing of these unusual online casino games found at Maxim88, it is also one of our most popular games. This is due to the fact that fish shooting games are so popular among the Chinese community. In fact, fish shooting accounts for almost one-third of the casino business in China, having originated from Hong Kong and expanded to other parts of Asia from there.

The fish shooting concept in Arcade

The underlying concept of fish shooting games is quite straightforward. Four players will sit together and compete against each other by shooting fish with cannons to earn prizes. The cannons are positioned on opposite sides of the gameboard, and everyone fires at the same pool of fish at the same time. The selection of which fish to shoot is a critical decision for gamers. This is due to the fact that the fish vary in terms of rarity, “health,” and speed – meaning that it is much simpler to kill a little fish for fewer awards than it is to kill a huge fish for greater rewards – and because the fish vary in terms of rarity, “health,” and speed. Fish float in and out of the board as well, making it necessary to keep track of whether a fish has just entered the board or is going to slip out.

Characteristics of Fish Shooting Games

In a fish shooting game we can see money-making and gaming fuse together seamlessly. At the heart of a fish shooting game is a never before seen monetization strategy that surpasses that of poker, slots and roulette. In a fish shooting game players are required to access the game’s gameplay and re-supply themselves after they have exhausted their ammunition supply. The fundamental gameplay is also frequently commercialized by the use of multiple boosters, such as the ability to “kill all the fish on the board.” In most games, meta monetization is focused on cosmetics like cannon skins and wings, as well as player avatar frames, but we’ve also seen power progression components, like various cannons having varied stats in some games.


Fishing games have deep cultural roots in China, so it is no wonder Maxim88 fans from Malaysia and Singapore are so interested in playing our fish shooting game. Fish shooting games provide an alternative and exciting gaming experience as compared to other slow paced online casino games like slots and roulette, sign up at Maxim88 now to start exploring our high quality fish shooting games.